I believe there was some gender discrimination at play here, but I don't think she or her team showed it as well as they could. Kliener Perkins put up a way better defense than I imagine they thought they would. They honestly just didn't put up that great of a fight. » 3/28/15 1:13pm Yesterday 1:13pm

I've been using these sites since back in the halcyon days when Fleshbot and Consumerist were still part of it. At least 2008? I hate to say that the design has gotten better, even though I hate Kinja was all the force of the empty place where my soul used to be. » 3/26/15 7:43pm Thursday 7:43pm

I was going to spend the weekend asleep but my RL friend called me and wants to speak to me, so I'm going to drive an hour up to see her. Mainly, I think I have to conduct some damage control because I said I didn't like her new boyfriend and she could do much better. Why did I say that out loud TO HER? Why am I… » 3/26/15 9:23am Thursday 9:23am

Ehhh I'm not sure. Does the BBC own BBCA in more than just name? BBCA seems pretty autonomous. They have stuff on there from other British channels, make special US-only content and shows (Copper, for instance), and they show ads so they must generate their own ad revenue. » 3/25/15 11:20am Wednesday 11:20am