Yelp is less than useless. They're shady and people abuse the hell out of how much power Yelp has over small businesses. Burger King doesn't give a shit if a location has bad Yelp reviews, but it can kill a small family owned restaurant. These people deserve the douchebag crown for pulling out the "negative Yelp… » 3/02/15 12:28pm Today 12:28pm

You nailed it. I hate these types of ploys and gimmicks. I never see how buying a pair of pajamas or a bracelet or something supposedly created by disadvantaged women in third world countries help them. I would much rather give the money directly to charities that support them so they can have whatever the item is… » 3/02/15 12:15pm Today 12:15pm

I was once in a "fancy" Chinese restaurant in Chicago for my birthday and they had just waxed the floors. EVERYONE was falling down. Servers, customers, everyone. It was bizarre and hilarious. The management was losing their minds over how many meals they were comping. I wiped out before I even got to my table. My… » 3/02/15 12:05pm Today 12:05pm

I had three awkward social events this weekend plus two hours spent between two of those trying to make small talk with a friend's new boyfriend who I do not like at all. It was an introvert's Hell. I am mentally and emotionally exhausted. » 3/02/15 10:45am Today 10:45am